14 Mar 2022
Press Release
Announcement that the Company’s Board of Directors resolved to issue new shares through capital increase from earnings
1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2022/03/14
2.Source of capital increase funds:Distributable earnings of 2021
3.Whether to adopt shelf registration
  (Yes, please state issuance period/No):No
4.Total monetary value of the issuance and number of shares issued (shares
 issued not including those distributed to employees if consisting in
 capital increase from earnings or capital surplus):
NT$246,019,710 and 24,601,971 shares
5.If adopting shelf registration, monetary value and number of shares
to be issued this time:NA
6.The remaining monetary value and shares after this issuance when
adopting shelf registration:NA
7.Par value per share:NT$10
8.Issue price:NA
9.Number of shares subscribed for by or allocated to employees:None
10.Number of shares publicly sold:NA
11.Ratio of shares subscribed by or allotted as stock
dividends to existing shareholders:75 shares gratuitously allotted for each
thousand shares.
12.Handling method for fractional shares and shares
unsubscripted for by the deadline:
Shareholders' stock dividends that are less than one share will be replaced
by cash distribution (rounded to the dollar), unless they are piece together
into integers by shareholders themselves apply to stock affairs agency
department of the company. And the rest shares will be subscribed by the
chairman authorized by the board of directors to contact a specific person
to subscribe for it at face value.
13.Rights and obligations of these newly issued shares:
Same rights and obligations as those of the original common shares.
14.Utilization of the funds from the capital increase:
To increase working capital.
15.Any other matters that need to be specified:
1.If number of outstanding common stock shares are changed due to issue
new shares for capital increase causing dividend payout ratio to change
and requires amendments, the Board of Directors shall be authorized
by shareholder’s meeting and have full authority to make amendments.
2.The ex-rights date will be determined fully by the Board authorized by
Shareholders’ Meeting after the case is approved by the authorities.
3.If the case needs to be changed by the authorities, it will be
determined fully by the Board authorized by Shareholders’ Meeting.
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