Management Team
Title Name Position
Chairman Wang ,Kuei-Hsien Follows the board's resolution.
The lead manager is responsible for making the company's major decisions.
General Manager Wang , Tommy In accordance with the board of directors' resolutionand the Chairman's instructionsof the Company.
The execution of the company's business.
Vice President Wang, Tsang-Hai Auxiliary general manager.
Introduction of Departments
Department Service Affairs
Kaohsiung Plants In charge of the production of EOD、ester and other products, the quality inspection of products, the repair and maintenance of facilities, general affairs of plants…, etc .
Administration In charge of the purchasing affairs, personnel administration, stock affairs, repairing affairs, asset management…, etc.
Sales Department In charge of the production and marketing plan, storage and transportation, marketing, market survey…, etc.
Finance Department In charge of fund procurement and utilization, budget planning, accounting matters, cost accounting …, etc.
Auditing Department Controlling of internal affairs, and planning, promoting, and executing audit system.
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